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Best iPhone Bracelet

iphone wristband
Review of: iPhone Bracelets
Madhusudan Sharma
$30 - $300

Reviewed by:
On February 8, 2016
Last modified:February 8, 2016


Information about some of the most beautiful and useful iPhone bracelets. Some of them are quite amazing and still in development phase but i will wait till they hit the market.


awesome bracelet for iphone

Use your skin as User can read emails,check routes via maps ,check weather, use social networks without touching their phones. Though the product is still in the making we can’t say much about it but it would be wonderful if it comes in real.your phone screen, i am pretty much impressed by this bracelet.

How it works ?

picoprojector projects the interface on your arm. When a touch signal is generated via user, it stops one of the sensor out of 8.

Cost $300

What can it do ?

Well almost everything as it converts your skin as gadget screen, but i think it will take time.



NiftyX :

Niftyx powerbank wearable

Available in 3 colors Burgundy Red(Left), Twilight Black(Middle), Chestnut Tan(Right)

Offers powerbank with : 50 minute of talktime,40 minute of internet and upto 150 minute of music. Stainless stell buckle can be removed. Design is quite beautiful.

Price : N/A

What it can do ?

Works as Powerbank ,charging and syncing cable

Beacon & Lively : Looks more like a jewelry. Awesome design.

iphone band

What it can do ?

Alert you when some one calls or texts



Bolt : 


Available in three material forms : Black,Tan/Gold and Marine/silver. All of the editions comes with same price tag of $50.

Talking about quality of this product, made of genuine leather with hardware part plated in gold,black rhodium and silver depends on your choice.User can wear the charger as a bracelet along with them.


What can you do with it ?

It is made to sync and charge your i-devices.

Price : $50



Photch vibrating bracelet :


Weighs exact 43 Grams and can fit to all wrist size.It enables user to connect their phone via bluetooth whether it is a iPHone or a android device.Lithium polymer battery can standby 72 hrs and covers 10 meters. Amazing colors that will suit for younger generations.

What can you do with it ?

User can make or receive calls.

Cost around $100

Manufactured in Japan