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Wearable Artificial Kidney

wearable kidney

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On September 9, 2016
Last modified:September 9, 2016


Awesome device, would love to see it become reality. It has had successful clinical trials in Italy and England and now trials are being conducted for FDA approval. In might take a year or two for final approval from FDA.

Working artificial kidneys that any person with end stage renal disease or kidney failure can wear and live a better life. It is more like a belt that can be worn on vest and it can perform the dialysis on the go. It was made to replace the dialysis machine that needs patient to visit clinic on regular basis. It can be worn every second of your life. It works more effectively and just like normal kidneys in removing excess fluids,salt and toxins.

Trials on human beings

Trial was conducted on 7 patients at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. This whole process was lead by inventor of this device , Victor Gura of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center,LA. This trial was quite successful and the device worked effectively to clear blood of waste products including minerals like phosphorus and creatinine and removed excess water and salt. Just like a normal kidney. The whole experiment went on for 24 hours and it showed that this device really works. There weren’t any side effects or adverse effects except some technical difficulties.  FDA has included it in the Accelerated Development Pathway program.Device weighs around 4.5kg(10 lb) and filters have to be replaced once a week, and chemicals have to be added once a day to clean the water filtered out. It needs power of 9 volt  to run it.The data suggest that the WAK might be an efficient way of providing daily dialysis and optimizing end stage renal disease (ESRD) treatment.